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Quake-Shrink Mob and Accidental Revolutionary by Chris Tingle

Chris unfortunately needed a job... and got mobbed. 

"Sliding down ... into the decline of my middle twenties ... we chased the end of the night

like we chased our own immortality." 2nd Edition



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GODLESS: The death of God in our Society (or the effects of child rape) can drive a man to eating disorders, alcoholism, drug addiction and pure hatred for all things of God and man.
Author: Drew Stepek

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WE ALL FALL DOWN: The Bible is true, and Armageddon is now. The nature of hatred and forgiveness are highlighted through Jimmy's confrontation with God--and himself.
Author: Brian Caldwell

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Alphar's ebooks translate revolution, weather and news with a literary dictionary to expose a character who is immortal with gristle, up close. Pandemic, Quake-Shrink Mob, Hillary H+, Disenfranchised, Draining the Swamp, and Accidental Revolutionary by Dr. Chris Tingle.

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